May 29, 2024
Naser Jaberi

Naser Jaberi

Academic Rank: Associate professor
Address: Bushehr, Persian Gulf University.
Degree: Ph.D in Persian language and literature
Phone: 07733444574
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


The association of meanings tn the Maárif of Baháwalad and link It with rhetoric
Type Thesis
بهاءولد، تداعي معاني، معارف، بلاغت، اصطلاحات ادبي.
Researchers ahmad jaweed veghar (Student) , Naser Jaberi (Primary advisor) , Zohreh Mallaki (Advisor)


Associating the meanings of the additional compound combination of one of the actions of the soul, which, by imagining one meaning, evokes another meaning. It turns out that some carnal beings are so intertwined with their special connections that whenever one of them appears on the scene of the conscience, the other immediately presents it there, this quality is called association of meanings. The association of meanings follows factors such as proximity, consonant or semantic, similarity and semantic contradiction, and the connection of coexistence and substitution, which cause the reaction of emotions in the reader. The language of literary association is not far from the language of psychology. In this study, the collision of words, phrases and images based on "similarity", "proximity" and "contradiction" has been investigated. The teachings of Baha Walad have a unique literary prose that is closer to poetry and poetic fantasies, and it emanates from Baha Walad’s subconscious. Therefore, we can keep an eye on the techniques of rhetoric, especially the rhetorical and spiritual novelty used in his prose. He has studied his work, which is based on his subconscious mind. This research is based on three main and fundamental laws of association of meanings, namely, the laws of similarity, contradiction and contradiction. The content analysis of the theme has been done and the association in them, which has a special prominence, has been analyzed and examined. According to this topic, the association of meanings in education relies more on the principle of similarity and proximity. Based on the similarity of some novel industries such as puns, rhymes, phonetics, allusions, allegories, similes, and based on the principle of proximity, industries such as proportion, conjugation of attributes, and word and publishing, and in principle contradiction, paradox, sensuality and exaggeration are examined. This has played a valuable role in the association of concepts.