May 29, 2024
Naser Jaberi

Naser Jaberi

Academic Rank: Associate professor
Address: Bushehr, Persian Gulf University.
Degree: Ph.D in Persian language and literature
Phone: 07733444574
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


Formalistic study of epic poems Seyed Hassan Hosseini, relying on the consonantal collections of Ismail, Ganjshak and Jibril
Type Thesis
فرماليسم، ادبيات پايداري، همصدا با حلق اسماعيل، گنجشك و جبرئيل، سيد حسن حسيني
Researchers mostafa rastgo (Student) , Hossein Salimi (Primary advisor) , Manizheh Poornemat Roodsari (Advisor) , Naser Jaberi (Advisor)


The formalism of research in the structures of literary works and recognizing their types and varieties is called. This way Which is one of the practical methods for direct and relatively needless understanding of the creator of literary writings It is considered, in fact, nothing but the analysis of literature and the separation of literary writings and poems Not from each other and ultimately the division of a literary writing into its components. In this research we rely on Formalism, to the division of elements and components of the epic poems of Seyed Hassan Hosseini, who is one of the prominent poets And is an innovator of the literature of resistance and stability, in two collections of poems "in unison with the throat of Ismail" and "sparrow and Gabriel ", we will pay. In this research by analytical-descriptive method and relying on the classification of elements based on The various goals of the speaker and the audience that pave the way for quick access to the context of the speech and Explains the type of thinking and the ability of the speaker to cultivate and present them, analyzes the poems done; Also, while dealing with the works and circumstances of the poet, the atmosphere of the literature of that time, which is related to literature Stability and resistance are famous, we mentioned and finally realized that Seyyed Hassan Hosseini with Fermi Old and new with new concepts and themes and construction in the field of war literature and stability. Institutions and his poems have special words, expressions and interpretations that characterize the language. As a field of poetry, shows. In fact, the presence of these special words, expressions and original images It has emerged mainly due to religious, political and social protest intellectual ideas. Determines the necessity and importance of researching and examining the works of this contemporary revolutionary poet.