May 29, 2024
Naser Jaberi

Naser Jaberi

Academic Rank: Associate professor
Address: Bushehr, Persian Gulf University.
Degree: Ph.D in Persian language and literature
Phone: 07733444574
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


Symbol, scope and its function in the poetry of Ismail Shahroudi
Type Thesis
اسماعيل شاهرودي، نماد، سمبوليسم اجتماعي
Researchers marzyeh ghafari (Student) , Hossein Salimi (Primary advisor) , Naser Jaberi (Advisor)


poetry to political and social themes, which, along with poetic illustration and payment, acquaints the audience with the symbolic thought of contemporary poets. Considering the events of the 1930s and 1940s, especially the events after the coup d'état of August 19, 1932 to the Revolution of 1957, and their impact on literature and art, especially poetry, they indirectly described the political and social events of society in symbolic and cryptic language, which played an important role in influencing The trend of social currents after the coup was on the minds and thoughts of the people of the community. The poets of social symbolism after the coup d'état of 28 August 1932 indirectly and with symbolic and ironic language described the political and social events of that time that played an important role in influencing important historical events after the coup on the minds and thoughts of the people. They were driven by commitment and a sense of social responsibility in the poetic flow of social symbolism. Ismail Shahroudi is one of the powerful and community-oriented poets of modern Persian poetry, whose poetry in many cases takes on the color of social symbolism. A humanistic poet whose works are full of the excitement of society, politics, struggle and human emotion. The purpose of this research is descriptive-analytical method; The study and analysis of Ismail Shahroudi's poetry in terms of the presence of the quality of symbols and their rhetorical and artistic role in the suspension of meaning, semantic multiplicity and explanation of social and critical issues and issues. The results of the research show that the use of symbolic images in the poetry and thought of Ismail Shahroudi is a way to express and raise issues and themes that he could not express them directly and explicitly and is a way to enter the issues and express the pains that society And the authoritarian atmosphere did not allow them to be approached Shahroudi sees the symbolist approach as