May 29, 2024
Naser Jaberi

Naser Jaberi

Academic Rank: Associate professor
Address: Bushehr, Persian Gulf University.
Degree: Ph.D in Persian language and literature
Phone: 07733444574
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


Postcolonial Critique of Tangestani Brave Novel (Based on the Basic Concepts of Postcolonial Theories of Superior / Inferior, Self / Other, Center / Margin and Identity)
Type Thesis
دليران تنگستاني، رئيسعلي دلواري، ركن زاده آدميّت، رمان، نقد پسااستعماري.
Researchers hosein moein (Student) , Naser Jaberi (Primary advisor) , Zohreh Mallaki (Advisor)


Post-colonial studies is not an independent field, but interdisciplinary and intertextual, and is considered a branch of comparative literature. The subject of post-colonial literature is colonialism and colonialism. Post-colonial criticism, through the Eastern counter-discourse, reads and re-reads post-colonial texts, especially the novel, and in this way challenges the thoughts of Western writers who have deliberately and biasedly placed the illusory and backward East against the progressive and democratic West. Writers and intellectuals of the third world discover, investigate and deconstruct the feedbacks and destructive cultural effects left by colonialism in literary texts, especially novels after the independence of the colonies. Edward Said, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Homi Bhabha, and Frantz Fanon are among these writers, each of them using their own style and method to describe and expand their views on colonialism. One of the most important uprisings against British colonialism in our country in the past is the popular uprising in the south of the country in two historical periods (Ahmed Khan Tangestani uprising - Rais Ali Delwari uprising), whose struggle is written by Tovanai Mohammad Hossein Roknzadeh Adamit, one of the committed writers. It was written in the south of the country. This uprising was formed with the support of scholars and clerics and the unity of city and village people under the leadership of Rais Ali Delvari. The most important goal of this uprising was to expel the British colonialists from Bushehr according to their duty. The reason why the brave Tungestani uprising remains in people's historical memory is the humanitarian and ethical behavior of the leaders of the uprising. The main reason for the failure of this uprising was the existence of mercenaries who infiltrated the body of the courageous Tungestani uprising and destroyed it. In the following, the researcher has been able to explore the inner layers of the text of Deliran