May 29, 2024
Naser Jaberi

Naser Jaberi

Academic Rank: Associate professor
Address: Bushehr, Persian Gulf University.
Degree: Ph.D in Persian language and literature
Phone: 07733444574
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


Analysis of love and lovemaking in the legend of Falaknaznameh Based on Sternberg's theory
Type Thesis
قصه هاي عاميانه، استرنبرگ ، فلك نازنامه ، عشق، عشق ورزي.
Researchers Sommaye baxgsiyavoshan (Student) , Naser Jaberi (Primary advisor) , Mojahed Gholami (Advisor)


Student Full Name Iranian society has always been intertwined with stories. Stories generally enhance human experiences and they teach us many religious, social, cultural and .... issues. One of the famous Iranian stories that can be considered a heroic story is Falaknaznameh ، which will be discussed in this research ؛ The main hero of this story is , the son of the king of Egypt. The purpose of this research is to analyze the category of love and making love in the legend of Falaknaznameh. The research method is descriptive and analytical using library documentary sources. In this research, the category of love and making love in the legend of Falaknaznameh is investigated based on Sternberg's point of view،according to this theory, love has three categories: intimacy, commitment, and passion, and from the combination of these three components, there are 8 types, including loving non-love, liking, infatuation, empty, romantic, companionate, fatuous, and consummate. The results of the research on the poems of the stories of Falaknaznameh and the analysis of the romantic relationships of the characters of this book based on Sternberg's point of view show that there are 10 types of love in this story, according to Sternberg's theory, in this story, consummate love is the love in which intimacy, passion and commitment is fully there that was formed between Falaknaz and Sarv and also Khorshidafarin and Gol.Romantic love was formed between Falaknaz and Aftabkhavari.Fatuous love was formed between Akhtashan and Gol also we see this love between Mehran and Gol. loving non love was formed between Bahram and Sarv and also Bahman and Gol.The love that formed between Reyhanehjadu and Khorshidafarin was infatuation that is one-sided love.Finally, with the investigation, it is clear that consummate love in this story has almost a high frequency and has been discussed in different parts of the story.