December 5, 2022
Amir Rostami

Amir Rostami

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in Polymer Engineering
Phone: 07731222636
Faculty: Faculty of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering


  • PhD. in Polymer Engineering , • Amirkabir University of Technology , Iran (2011 - 2016)
    Thesis title: Effect of Asymmetric Nanoparticles on Microstructure and Crystallization Behavior of Poly(lactic acid) Under Shear Flow Field
  • MSc. in Polymer Engineering , Amirkabir University of Technology , iran (2009 - 2011)
    Thesis title: Theoretical and Experimental Study on the Influence of Carbon Nanotubes in Determining the Morphology of Ternary Blends with an Emphasize on Core-Shell Morphology
  • BSc. in Polymer Engineering , Amirkabir University of Technology , iran (2009 - 2009)
    Thesis title: Smart Polymers and Their Applications in Preparation of Permeability-Controllable Membranes
  • BSc. in Chemical Engineering , Amirkabir University of Technology , Iran (2005 - 2009)
    Thesis title: Study on Biofilters and Their Applications in Control of Odor and Air Pollution

Research activities

Journal articles
Pezhman Mosallanezhad, Hossein Nazockdast, Zahed Ahmadi, Amir Rostami (2022) Fabrication and characterization of polycaprolactone/chitosan nanofibers containing antibacterial agents of curcumin and ZnO nanoparticles for use as wound dressing Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology: 23; 1-14
, Mohammad mehdi Parivazh, , Mohammad Javad Dianat, Mohsen Abbasi, Amir Rostami, Shahriar Osfouri, Mika Silanpaa, Mohammad Akrami, Mahdieh Dibaj (2022) Application of Photo-Fenton, Electro-Fenton, and Photo-Electro-Fenton processes for the treatment of DMSO and DMAC wastewaters Arabian Journal of Chemistry: 15; 104229
, Mohammad mehdi Parivazh, Mohsen Abbasi, Shahriar Osfouri, Mohammad Javad Dianat, Amir Rostami, Mohammad Akrami, Mahdieh Dibaj (2022) Performance Enhancement of Specific Adsorbents for Hardness Reduction of Drinking Water and Groundwater Water: 14; 2749-2780
Amir Babaei, Mehdi Haji Abdolrasouli, Amir Rostami (2022) Polylactic acid/polycaprolactone bionanocomposites containing zinc oxide nanoparticles: Structure, characterization and cytotoxicity assay JOURNAL OF THERMOPLASTIC COMPOSITE MATERIALS: OnlineFirst; 1-23
Mohammad mehdi Parivazh, milad Mousavi, Mansoor Naderi, Amir Rostami, Mahdieh Dibaj, Mohammad Akrami (2022) The Feasibility Study, Exergy, and Exergoeconomic Analyses of a Novel Flare Gas Recovery System Sustainability: 14; 1-23
Amir Rostami, Mehdi Vahdati, Mohsen Nowrouzi, Mohammadreza Karimpour, Amir Babaei (2022) Morphology and Physico-mechanical Properties of PMMA/PS/PP Ternary Polymer Blend and its Nanocomposites with Organoclay: The Effect of Nature of Organoclay and Method of Preparation POLYMERS & POLYMER COMPOSITES: 30; 1-10
Mohsen Shahrousvand, Mohsen Hajikhani, Leila Nazari, Amitis Aghelinejad, Mohammad Shahrousvand, Amir Rostami, Mohammad Irani (2022) Preparation of colloidal nanoparticles PVA-PHEMA from hydrolysis of copolymers of PVAc-PHEMA as anticancer drug carriers NANOTECHNOLOGY: 33; 275603
Malihe Ghazalian, Shahnoosh Afshar, Amir Rostami, Shiva Rashedi, Seyed Hajir Bahrami (2022) Fabrication and Characterization of Chitosan-Polycaprolactone Core-Shell Nanofibers Containing Tetracycline Hydrochloride COLLOIDS AND SURFACES A-PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS: 636; 128163
Ali Tajdari, Amir Babaei, Alireza Goudarzi, Razie Partovi, Amir Rostami (2021) Hybridization as an efficient strategy for enhancing the performance of polymer nanocomposites POLYMER COMPOSITES: Early View; 1-15
Arman Farzaneh, Amir Rostami, Hossein Nazockdast (2021) Thermoplastic Polyurethane/ Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Nanocomposite: Effect of Nanoparticle Content, Shear and Thermal Processing POLYMER COMPOSITES: Early View; 1-10
Shiva Rashedi, Shahnoosh Afshar, Amir Rostami, Malihe Ghazalian, Hossein Nazockdast (2020) Co-electrospun poly(lactic acid)/gelatin nanofibrous scaffold prepared by a new solvent system: morphological, mechanical and in vitro degradability properties International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials: 70; 545-553
Amir Rostami, , , Mohsen Nowrouzi (2019) Evolution of Microstructure and Physical Properties of PMMA/ MWCNTs Nanocomposites upon the Addition of Organoclay Journal of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Technology: ; 28،38
Amir Rostami, Mehdi Vahdati, Hossein Nazockdast (2018) Unraveling the Localization Behavior of MWCNTs in Binary Polymer Blends Using Thermodynamics and Viscoelastic Approaches POLYMER COMPOSITES: ; 2356،2367
, , Amir Rostami, Hossein Nazockdast (2017) Role of nanosilica localization on morphology development of HDPE/PS/PMMA immiscible ternary blends Express Polymer Letters: ; 362،373
Amir Rostami, Hossein Nazockdast, , (2016) Role of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Localization on Morphology Development of PMMA/PS/PP Ternary Blends ADVANCES IN POLYMER TECHNOLOGY: ; 1،10
Conference articles
Amir Rostami, Mehdi Vahdati (2020) Ternary Blend Nanocomposites with Two Types of Organoclays: A Study on Morphological Properties 3rd Biennial Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Conference (OGPC2020), Iran, Bushehr
Mohammad Ali Ghanavatian, Amir Rostami, Vida Rahimi (2020) Role of Carbon Nanotubes on the Rheological and Thermal Properties of Polyethylene/Carbon Fiber Composites 3rd Biennial Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Conference (OGPC2020), Iran, Bushehr
Shahnoosh Afshar, Shiva Rashedi, Amir Rostami, Hossein Nazockdast, Malihe Ghazalian (2020) Fabrication and characterization of co-electrospun polycaprolactone/chitosan nanofibrous mats 3rd Biennial Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Conference (OGPC2020), Iran, Bushehr
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