December 5, 2022
Mehrdad Sarhadi

Mehrdad Sarhadi

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in Architecture Engineering
Phone: 077
Faculty: Faculty of Art and Architecture

Research activities

Journal articles
Mehrdad Sarhadi, Sogand Hasanzadeh (2021) A Qualitative Analysis of Unethical Behaviors in Projects: Insight From Moral Psychology Project Management Journal: 5; 1-18
Mehrdad Sarhadi, Sogand Hasanzadeh, Seyed Hosein Hoseini (2021) Stakeholder Analysis in the Feasibility Process of Projects: A Structural Evaluation of the Power-Oriented Relationship Project Management Journal: 3; 1-17
Mehrdad Sarhadi, Sogand Hasanzadeh, Saied Yousefi (2021) Evolving History of Sustainable Project: Exploring Existential Meaning at the Agency Level JOURNAL OF LEGAL AFFAIRS AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION IN ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION: Volume 13 Issue 2; 943-950
Mehrdad Sarhadi, َAmin Zamani, Hani Arbabi, Sina Alidousti (2020) A Participatory Approach to Design a Process Model of R&D Projects Management International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking: Vol. 13 No. 4; 323–339
Mehrdad Sarhadi, Saied Yousefi, َAmin Zamani (2018) Participative project management as a comprehensive response to postmodernism criticisms: The role of communication International Journal of Managing Projects in Business: 11; 935-959
Conference articles
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