June 17, 2024
Shahrbanoo Yadollahi

Shahrbanoo Yadollahi

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in Business Management(Marketing)
Phone: 07731222110


Title A measurement of service experience at touch points in banking industry: model development and validation
Type Article
service experience; touch points; customer journey; banking industry; service marketing.
Journal International Journal of Business Innovation and Research
DOI 10.1504/IJBIR.2019.102715
Researchers Shahrbanoo Yadollahi (First researcher) , Ali Kazemi (Second researcher) , Bahram Ranjbarian (Third researcher)


This study aims to identify the dimensions of service experience at touch points and then test the resulting model in Iranian banking services. A sequential mixed method approach was used in this study (qual/quan design). The study benefits from both qualitative and quantitative methods respectively. Firstly, in qualitative method, data were collected through semi-structured interview with bank customers. The obtained data from the qualitative interviews were analyzed by the Gioia method. Then, the analyzed data resulted in developing a model of service experience at touch points. Secondly, in quantitative method, a questionnaire was administrated to measure the service experience model based on the qualitative results. Subsequently to analyze the hierarchical model and validate the constructs, partial least squares structural equation modelling (PLS-SEM) was conducted. Finally, the results of the qualitative study revealed five dimensions for service experience at touch points across customer journey consisting of experience of customer-people interaction, bank environment, communication, technology, and service process. Moreover, the quantitative study confirmed the tested model for service experience at touch points. The findings of this study assist the service providers to monitor and manage the service experience across all touch points in customer journey to achieve a higher competitive advantage.